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After more than 20 years of working with people like you to help them find their best mortgage solution, I’ve seen it all. That helps me pinpoint precisely what type of mortgage will best serve someone’s specific requirements.

But what I believe sets my approach apart goes beyond the choice of an individual mortgage product - I ask the questions required to best determine the context: How does your mortgage strategy fit in with the rest of your financial plan?  

As a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, I have the skills and training to evaluate your balance sheet objectively and identify various tax-saving and planning strategies designed to increase your overall net worth. That’s a piece of the puzzle that you’ll likely find missing from a consultation with most other mortgage brokers and banks. Many of them view a mortgage simply as a transaction. I look at it as a collaborative process.

That’s why so many of my Mortgage Intelligence clients also turn to our overall financial planning and advisory company ( to extend the relationship to other investments.

For you, what it means is you’ll find a mortgage with an advantageous rate and term, within the broader scope of your overall finances.

With the help of my team, I develop strong life-long relationships built on trust. We pride ourselves on ensuring your satisfaction - let us show you how.

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